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Hibiki 17 year old
Hibiki 17 year old
Hibiki 17 year old

Hibiki 17 year old

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The latest (and possibly last) version of the legendary Hibiki 17 Year Old limited edition houses the same outstanding flavours inside a newly designed bottle and box. In 2018, Suntory announced that this multi-award-winning whisky would be discontinued at “some point in 2019”, and with only 4 months of the year remaining, it’s safe to presume that is will be the the last Hibiki 17 release we’ll see for a long time.

The subtle refinements made to the 2019 Edition bring an added touch of flair and elegance. It’s classy, visually stunning and has an air of quality before it has even passed your lips – it’s the perfect last goodbye. 

The box has been revamped with a more upscale appearance and while the previous version was undoubtedly gorgeous in its own right, this new one feels even more deserving of housing a the famous bottle and liquid inside. The label has also been updated with a new tagline. Where it used to say “A harmonious blend of handcrafted select specially aged whiskies”, it now states “A harmonious blend of the finest selection of specially aged whiskies.”

One thing that hasn’t changed is the composition of the liquid. It retains the original formula that has earned dozens of prestigious awards from leading competitions and houses the same outstanding tasting notes inside. After all, when a whisky is this good, there’s simply no sense in making a change.

That means you’ll experience a complex expression that houses an incredible array of notes and exhibits outstanding balance through this range of harmonious aromas and flavours. 

Oak, resin, melted dark chocolate, mixed berry pie and gentle aromas of smoke are apparent on the nose, followed by sweeter notes of citrus and vanilla custard balanced by lemon zest and rich oak on the palate. The finish is long, with cinnamon, sherried fruits and more oak lingering for some time. It’s an incredible piece of craftsmanship that every whisky fan should experience in their lifetime, and with the expression destined to fade from existence in the near future, it’s worth doing while you can. 

Recent Hibiki 17 Year Awards:

Hibiki 17 Year Old has consistently been awarded the World’s best-blended whisky again took home that award in 2017, as well as Supreme Champion Spirit at the ISC ’17.

  • Gold Award (International Spirits Challenge, 2009)
  • Gold Award (International Spirits Challenge, 2012)
  • Gold Award (International Spirits Challenge, 2013)
  • Gold Award (International Spirits Challenge, 2016)

Hibiki 17 year old